Sherman Lee Dillon loves to bring his music to new audiences and is familiar in almost every setting from festivals to clubs to house concerts. He is always on the go! In addition to his Mississippi Blues performances, Sherman Lee Dillon also does workshops and special performances (see bleow).

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The "Folk Heritage" Festival Performance
30-60 minutes
Solo performance featuring vocal, harmonica, guitar, banjo and dobro. Folk songs characteristic of Southern USA, from the nineteenth century through the twentieth century, make up the repertoire.

Folk Music of the Southern USA - Workshop
45 min-2 hours
Using Robert Johnson, Jimmy Rogers, The Carter Family, and a little Stephen Foster, this workshop bridges the gap in our musical history, these dominant voices defined southern folk music and delivered this heritage to previous generations. Springing from these three, we have Elmore, Muddy, Earnest Tubb, Hank Williams, Bill Monroe, Ralph Stanley, etc. It would be hard to overstate the influence of Johnson, Rogers and Maybelle on the popular music of the twentieth century.

Children's Performance
25-35 minutes
With a degree in early childhood education and being the father of seven, I've spent years interacting with children. I perform regularly at children's festivals, libraries and schools with my banjo and guitar.

Storytelling Festivals
The more involved a person becomes with "Folk Music," the more stories begin to surface around this music and the people who brought it to us. Much of my storytelling involves certain writers and songs; often circumstances of my own life readily transfer to other songs; and several songs are just stories put to music. Historically, storytelling has been associated with music. Judging from the offers I get regionally, this is still the case.

The "Party" - club/frat/bar
(90% party, 10% artistic expression)
2-4 hours
This show is almost entirely covers - Buffet, Dylan, Beatles, Eagles, James Taylor, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, etc. I also do some Delta Blues, complete with harmonica and metal slide guitar. The show is usually billed "Sherman Lee Dillon and the Shermettes." Although I perform solo, some people are more than willing to share the stage with me and become "Shermettes." After a few "hippy" stories and a set of '60 - '70's songs, the "Shermettes" come out of the woodwork.

Harmonica 101
4 one hour sessions
Whether it's Stephen Foster, Gene Autry, bluegrass, blue, or rock'n'roll, the harmonica is unsurpassed in its ability to inject pure clarity, raw energy and honest familiarity into the music. Still, its simplicity puts it in the grasp of nearly everyone's ability. This course attempts to make the harmonica user-friendly with some explanations designed to demystify the instrument. We will learn to play a little Stephen Foster, a little cowboy music, a little country music, and a little blues.


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